Are you looking for a Building Permit for constructing a house in Kerala?

Getting a building permit from the authorities is the first step for constructing a house.
For submitting the building permit approval, certain documents are to be obtained from the village office, which includes the latest land Tax receipt, BTR(Basic Tax Register)and possession certificate. These documents, along with the building permit application and copy of the land deed, forms the permit application file.
Along with the building application form, a well-drafted drawing is mandatory and should contain these following items:
Fully Dimensioned plan with Doors, Windows and room size labelled

Fully Dimensioned plan with Doors, Windows and room size labelled

Front elevation and a section of the building(preferably through stairs)

Site plan with proposed building, setbacks, position of the septic tank, RWH, north direction etc

Location plan
Joinery schedule, detailed drawing of rainwater harvesting and septic tank
Building occupancy
Area details including extent, plinth area, of each floor total area, coverage, FAR etc
Details regarding plot(survey number, Block, Village, Taluk, district etc)
Applicant name and address
The drawing should be prepared and signed by a certified Architect/Engineer/Supervisor, and a copy of the signatory’s certificate is attached along with the application.
This application file is submitted to the LSGD engineering section, where the overseer and Assistant Engineer will check the documents and drawings, and then inspect the site. For a typical residence having an area up to 300m2, the building permit sanction is done at the AE office itself and permit fees can be remitted on the AE’s concurrence.
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