Thinking of home in a 5 cent plot?

Here are some tips for planning a home in 5 cents.
Setback - 3m front facing the road, 1m and 1.2m on the sides, 2m on the rear (These setbacks are applicable up to three floors from ground level)

Coverage 65% maximum permissible After leaving setbacks 58% possible.

Three Floors from ground level.

In the Ground floor Car porch, Living room, Dining Room, 2 Bedrooms, and, if work area and store room are needed only 1 Bedroom.

In the first floor, Family living rooms, 2/3 bedrooms and open terrace can be provided.
The average size of the bedroom 11’ x 12’ and bathroom will be 5’ x 7’
The design completely depends upon the dimension, shape, and level of the plot.
Depending on the plot dimension and shape, Balconies can be provided.
Access to the first floor from outside can be provided.
Option for second car parking can be provided by eliminating one bedroom.
For a vasthu compatible design, the ideal plot should face facing is east or north.
In the case of 3 bedrooms on the ground floor, One bedroom will be having an attached toilet and a common toilet for the other two bedrooms.
For a two-storied house, maximum build up area maybe 2500 - 2600 Sqft and for three-storied house 3700 - 3800 sq.ft
The master bedroom can be provided in the southwest corner of the plot and the ideal kitchen location is in the northeast corner.
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